2014 NextGeneration Benchmark
FAST FORWARD: The past, present and future of sustainable homes


In this report we evaluate the progress the homebuilding sector has made during the last year in delivering sustainable development and highlight best-in-class performance within the industry. To mark 10 years of benchmarking the sector, we will also take a look at the past and fast forward to the future of sustainable homes.

Great start

Looking back, the benchmark is unrecognisable since it was first launched in 2004 in terms of its scope, coverage and ambition. Today, the benchmark is more rigorous and challenging than ever before. We offer insights on its history, evolution and highlights memorable milestones achieved so far.

Strong present

While the homebuilding industry as a whole has moved on since the first benchmark, a handful of companies have excelled and are pushing ahead of their peers. These companies are beginning to address some of today’s biggest environmental, social and economic questions – How do we deliver zero carbon homes? How do we build enough affordable homes? How do we make the places we live outstanding and fit for future generations?  By sharing the achievements and best practices of leading companies, we hope to spark innovation and engagement within the sector.

Exciting future

Big challenges lie ahead and there is still a long way to go. The next few years will herald a critical change in the way we plan, design and deliver homes. The buildings we create now are long-lived: their impacts will stretch into the lives of many generations.


At the same time, the long-term success of a building will depend on its ability to satisfy user needs, cope with the changing environmental conditions and survive the evolving expectations of society. The sector must push itself to find answers to these big questions so it can create wonderful homes that leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

We hope that this report makes a valuable contribution to the debate concerning the future of home building, the need for market transformation and for the industry to deliver long-term value for its stakeholders.


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NextGeneration was launched in 2004 as an industry-driven initiative to drive best practice in sustainability into the heart of the UK’s residential development sector.
NextGeneration is a membership-based organisation, consisting of many of the UK’s largest homebuilders, overseen by a high-level Executive Committee to ensure the integrity and independence of the initiative. NextGeneration seeks to enable the industry to understand what opportunities and risks the sustainable housing agenda poses through benchmarking, networking and knowledge-sharing


Capturing an accurate picture of sustainability performance requires a robust set of criteria which fully reflect the issues facing the industry, and enable comparability over time. In 2014 there are more than 130 criteria in sustainability strategy, governance and risk management and their impact on the environment and on society.


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